Kings and queens

Call to arms in Linköping 6-11 September

All kings and queens of Round Table 117 are called to arms in Linköping. Put on your shiniest armor. Raise your banners and rally the troops. Release your inner kingslayer overload.The Swedish Euromeeting 2022 will be a Mach 3 paced week of intense Swedish culture and nature all filtered through the fumes of jet fuel. Like flying Jas 39 Gripen during the Battle of Hastings.

All kings and queens of Round Table 117 are called to arms in Linköping. Put on your shiniest armor. Raise your banners and rally the troops. Release your inner kingslayer overload.The Swedish Euromeeting 2022 will be a Mach 3 paced week of intense Swedish culture and nature all filtered through the fumes of jet fuel.


The Euromeeting 2022 schedule

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Jet fighters, roof top bar and fine dining


Welcome to Linköping – the aviation capitol of Sweden

Join us for a visit to maybe the worlds best military aviation museum. After our slice of military aircraft’s we will hit the new roof top bar downtown and do a little fine dining. Yes, we know. Not all celebrations requires us being drunk in our basement HQ. But why take the chance… OK! After party it is. Damn you sir-drink-a-lot!

Military Aviation Museum
Fine dining
Roof top bar
After party at HQ

Guns and crayfish


In the Swedish forrest no one can hear you scream like a wild boar

Tune your banjo. We’re heading deep into the private woodlands of our dear Old Tabler Gustav Storckenfeldt. The majestic Swedish forrest will hide us from the rest of the world. And maybe let loose your inner Robin Hood rebel. We are talking full on charity shoot out in the woods. Yes, the more you shoot the more you give. Round Table at it’s finest. Then we will catch crayfish. For real. Gotta catch them all. We’ll cook and eat pulled wild boar (and tell you what pull means in Swedish) and just have an amazing time in the middle of nowhere. Did we mention snaps?

Midsummer extravaganza on a private Island


All hail Island King Petter!

All aboard! Heading to the private island of euromeeting general Petter Jonsson. Imagine the Netflix series The Fyre Festival and Lord of the flies on crack, but with unlimited food and beverages. This is yet another once-in-a-life-time experience you can’t miss out on. We’ll eat the crayfish we caught on Tuesday, devour some smörgåstårta and Magnus will be singing non-stop. It will be a midsummer party extravaganza.

Private Island
Jet boards
Midsummer party 

Themed Home Parties


Amazing home parties on several locations

We’ll hangout downtown to meet and greet the newcomers and connect visiting kings with their host. Together you’ll kickstart the nights festivities tout de suite. The theme is Kings and Queens and thou shall wear an outfit appropriate or even better – inappropriate – as long as it goes with the theme. Be creative and let the quest for the best costume begin! Around 10-beers-o-clock we’ll meet up in the dungeon for some serious medieval torture, oh, I meant amazing party.

Chairman's meeting and gala evening


Beer tasting.

Hold my beer! Not just any beer. We’re staying at the 117 royal court brewery and distillery for… a chairman’s meeting. We have a lot to talk about before we can start drinking. Or was it the other way around? We’ll try the local beer and spirits. There might be a unique bottle to empty your coffers on. Meantime our beloved queens will be taken care of in suitable way for their statue. Afterwards will jump in tuxedos for a spectacular dinner and joyful evening at the banquet hall. Entertainment. Food. Music. Tabling. Dutch will raise the roof with kadeng kadeng, germans scream buffalo, and the finns will be sound a sleep. A majestic night you’ll do your best to remember.

Fare well brunch and sad music


We rally the banner men once again

It. Hurts. Everywhere. What is that in my hair? I didn’t eat spaghetti. What that weird taste in my mouth? Why am I naked? Again! All valid questions for when we meet up for the farewell brunch. Some might try and play Drunk Cluedo: What did I drink, with whom and where to get that shitfaced drunk? Oh, all fun and games. We will be served a delicious brunch, accompanied by music and songs about lost loves and strong brotherhoods. Au revoir. Hyvästi. Hej då. Farvel skat. Auf Wiedersehen mein kleiner SCHMETTERLING. Tot ziens. Until next time.


The King

500 Tuesday – Sunday
  • Jet fighters and fine dining
  • Midsummer extravaganza
  • Guns and crayfish
  • Homeparty and Kings & queens dungeon
  • Gala evening

The Queen

365 Thursday – Sunday
  • Midsummer extravaganza
  • Homeparty and Kings & queens dungeon
  • Gala evening

The Prince

265 Weekend
  • Homeparty and Kings & queens dungeon
  • Gala evening

Digital registration closed. Contact Alexander to register.

Registration fee and information

Official time schedule

Thuesday Stefan +4673032 11 39
11:00 @Clubouse. Meet and Greet.
11:40 Top Gun Tour @Aviation museum
13:30 Swedish Fika Roof Top bar
14:30 Roof Top Bar Opens and shenanigans
18:00 Dinner is served
21:00 What happens in Lokalen Stays in Lokalen.

Wednesday Kristoffer +46760299844
13:00 @Clubhouse. Transport to forrest.
13:30 Gunz and Ammo time
16:30 Transport to summer cabin ”Udden”.
16:40 Tabling, dinner, cray fishing

Thursday Petter +46733607511
13:00 All aboard!
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Jetboard, sauna, hot tub.
16:00 Swedish fika
17:00 Midsummer games XXX
19:00 Dinner

Friday Home host and Home party
11:00 Back to the mainland
12:00 Lunch @Clubhouse
13:00-14:30 Official registration @Clubhouse.
18:00 Homeparty (Kings and queen theme!)
22:00 @Clubhouse til death.

Saturday Alexander +46725584100
11:00-13:00 Chairmans meeting @Torn1
18:00 Predrink at @Torn1. Gala dinner.
01:00 Night club.

Sunday Gustav +46735119251
11:00-13:00 Farewell brunch @Clubhouse.RT Club house -> Repslagaregatan 1, Linköping.Torn1 -> Tornbyvägen 1, Linköping

Contact and payment information available in your confirmation e-mail.
Program may change depending on how number of guests.

Two Princes who adore you

At your service are two humble servants of the people. Contact us if anything is unclear. We kindly ask you to deliver your question by pigeon, rider or the Euromeeting 2022 Facebook-group.

King Alexander the Fake aka La MachineWith his ”Shoot first. Ask questions later” attitude he navigates the dark waters of leading and organizing the Euromeeting.

”It is like changing the engine of an airplane midair.”

  • +46725584100


Petter ”The ViKING” Jonson here seen beheading a bottle of champagne on his private Island and showing of his best assets – the two massive guns commonly known as LAW and ORDER! Petter is a natural organizer and jester of the court.

”I shall have a massive a midsummer extravaganza”

  • +46733607511