10 februari 2024
Early bird erbjudande

De 10 första får ett Punk Drunk Paket
med extra guldkant.

  • RT117-pin

  • Champagne

  • Cigarr

RT117 Poker 2024, February 10th

Repslagaregatan 1 , Sweden.
Saturday February 10th, 6 pm.

General information

  • Texas hold’em no limit tournament.
  • Crazy bonus winnings and fun add ons.
  • Professional dealers.
  • Limited seats.
  • Limited home hosting.
  • Estimated pot size 10 000 chips.
  • Part of RTS national classic meetings.

Price 850 SEK

  • Seat at the table.
  • Food.
  • Hangover.

Dress code

Black tie. Punk drunk – Maffia


97 percent of our guest would recommend the event to a brother. This is a true seal of quality for the Poker in our eyes.



All our guests says the event is worth the money. And since almost everyone is a looser by the end of the evening – that’s a amazing number. Our philosophy is to make sure everyone feels like a winner no matter shitty luck at the tables.


You still need to pay to keep your registration.

Pay 850 SEK to our Swish 123 601 31 22, please state your Swish connected phone number in the signup form below. You can also pay via traditional bankgiro 234-5502 and please remember to state your name and poker in the message.
International payments

International payments

IBAN: SE88 8000 0848 0694 3590 8455 BIC: SWEDSESS Account Holder: ROUND TABLE 117 LINKÖPING – FILBYTER

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